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About Us

My culinary perspective is rooted in cultural traditions with my father, a first generation Italian from just south of Naples. 


My favourite techniques and flavour profiles were developed by working with a broad range of chefs and cuisines in kitchens locally and abroad. This has helped me define my own unique style. I fondly refer to it as Modern Mediterranean heavily influenced by the Pacific Northwest. 


My approach to dining introduces simple seasonal dishes packed with natural flavour with focus on quality, excellence and fun. The centrepiece of the kitchen is wood fired al forno oven. This method of cooking lends itself to the small plate family style dining. Fresh crudo and charcuterie, creative house-made pastas, neapolitan pizza, crisp salads and seasonal veggie dishes are prepared with bold well balanced flavours. Our goal is to utilize seasonal ingredients while working closely with local farmers and foragers to reconnect with the local community. 


-Chef Mike Buono



Our approach to drink will be mirrored by our approach to food, in the literal sense. Fresh, seasonal , local. Using the amazing variety of locally sourced spirits, beer and wine we pay homage to time honoured classic recipes and a sophisticated repertoire of original uplifting fine crafted drinks. The bar itself is lined with fresh herbs and bottles of all the necessary components for our program. Our list reflects our menu in that each cocktail is developed to be paired with one of our dishes. The craft cocktail menu changes as frequently as the menu and season. The sound of ice shaking in tin, the feeling of antique glassware in your hand as you taste of the carefully curated cocktail accented by in-house made bitters, syrups and infusions. There is the warm slab wood bar and the perfect music in the background, friendly faces all around. All you need is a view.

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